Getting on board public transit is not only easy, it’s a good deal. Fares start at $2 for a 1-Ride and go up depending on what your needs are. Riders must possess valid fare while in the paid fare zone while on the platforms and on board the train.

There is a 1-Ride fare that must be used within 90 minutes from purchase. A fare purchased at the bus farebox is not valid to ride light rail. If you want a 1-Ride fare for light rail it must be purchased at a fare vending machine on the light rail platform. This fare is automatically validated when purchased and gets you a single ride on the light rail.

Valley Metro also offers a 1-Day, 7-Day, 15-Day and 31-Day passes. These passes must be validated before use. Once the 7-Day, 15-Day or 31-Day pass is validated, your able to ride as much as you’d like through your purchased time period.

Activating your pass is easy! If you are going to use the pass that day, choose the “activate” option when purchasing at the fare vending machine. To activate your pass later, insert it into the “validator” slot after following instruction on the screen. All passes expire at 2:59 a.m. the day after the end of the purchased time period.

With Valley Metro’s touch-and-go option, you can easily validate a Platinum Pass or ASU U-pass by simply placing your pass onto the orange pads of the stand-alone fare vending machines. You know it's been validated when you hear it ding or see the “Enjoy Your Ride” message on-screen.

Our fare vending machines are easy to use and give you a step-by-step on-screen process to purchase light rail passes. All vending machines take debit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Is the vending machine acting up? Help us out by reporting vending machine malfunctions by calling (602) 253-5000, or sending us a message from your AlertVM app. Please note the location and number of the machine and time of the transaction.

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Dennise Metzger Operations Communications Specialist.
Dennise Metzger
Operations Communications Specialist
Dennise is a Phoenix native, born at St. Joseph’s Hospital and graduated from Paradise Valley High School. Her first career was with the Phoenix Police Department as a Communications Operator (Radio Dispatcher/911 Operator). During her career she received numerous commendations. She received one of the highest honors from the Police Chief: the Police Chiefs Certificate of Recognition. She called her time there “an amazing sometimes very stressful and fascinating career”. In November 2018 she retired from Phoenix PD and started a second career with Valley Metro.