Valley commuters know firsthand how important it is to receive timely information about their light rail and bus service, especially when they have to wait outdoors on a sweltering summer day. Fortunately, we live in an age where information is easily accessible. Valley Metro provides its customers with various ways to access important service information. 

Platform monitor

The most frequent real-time communication method for light rail service is the announcements that play over the loudspeakers at station platforms along with the digital monitors. These announcements cover topics such as Valley Metro’s code of conduct and prohibited behaviors, arrival times, as well as any planned or unplanned service changes. Light rail operators also make announcements to riders inside the train when there are incidents that cause delays.

Before starting your public transit journey, it’s essential to know exactly where you are going. Valley Metro’s trip planner is another tool to help you plan each step of your trip. You can access that here:
Another form of real-time communication is NextRide, which provides quick access to the next bus and train arrival times. For more information on how to access NextRide, please visit

If you consistently use NextRide or the trip planner, you may want to consider downloading Valley Metro’s Ridekick app, which hosts both features. You can also save your favorite routes and stops. To download Ridekick, please visit  

Bus Stop Sign

It’s crucial to know of any detours that could impact your bus trip. Valley Metro posts rider alerts so customers can check if their route includes any planned detours. To see if you may encounter detours, please visit

When there are unplanned service changes that will impact riders, Valley Metro will notify its customers through Twitter (@valleymetro). Notifications are also sent to rail riders through the mobile app, AlertVM, when there are delays greater than 20 minutes. To find out more information about AlertVM or to download it, please visit  

Train with question marks

Maneuvering any public transit system can be confusing to new riders. If you have any questions about how to ride with Valley Metro, please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page here:

At Valley Metro, we want our customers to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride. That’s why we equip our riders with so many ways to access important information about their trip. 

Taylor Dunn
Taylor Dunn
Lead Operations Communications Specialist
Taylor is a musician, CrossFit enthusiast, and student of psychology who enjoys lattes at hipster coffee shops. She graduated from The King's College in New York City and was previously employed with FEMA, NYC's Department of Emergency Management, and Metro-North Railroad out of Grand Central Terminal.