Fiesta Bowl Play at Margaret T Hance Park

After being home to events and picnics for nearly 30 years, the scenic Margaret T. Hance Park in Phoenix is getting a major makeover. The 32-acre park’s new upgrades are part of an initiative called the Margaret T. Hance Park Revitalization Project. The first part has been completed and it includes something fun for the whole family. 

Last month, the park opened the first part of its revitalization project, the Fiesta Bowl Play. The 20,000 square foot playground has a lot of fun things for kids to play on. These include a climbing wall, a water feature where kids can cool off and three big animals, a fox, a jackrabbit and an owl. These animals are not just for decoration. Kids can play in and around the animals and the owl is even a slide! The playground is located near the middle of the park with a perfect view of the bridge where our light rail trains travel up and down Central Ave. 

Light rail train drives down Central Avenue

The playground is just one part of the master plan. Officials are expected to transform the park into a go to hot spot for people to relax and have fun. Planned features include gardens, a splash pad, a place to eat within the park and pedestrian and bike lanes that take you all around the massive greenery. 

The park has fun things to do even if you’re not a kid 

As mentioned in a previous blog, the park is also home to the Japanese Friendship Garden. It is an authentic stroll garden where people can relax and watch the fish swim around in a koi pond. 

Getting to the park is easy with Valley Metro. You can use the bus route 0 or ride the light rail to Roosevelt/Central Ave or McDowell/Central Ave. While waiting for your train at the Roosevelt station you can check out the beautiful mural made by our Artsline Spotlight Artist Tato Caraveo. No matter how you want to travel to this green oasis in Phoenix, you can find the best way to get there using the Valley Metro trip planner. The trip planner can be found here

Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.