Crews work on installing new light rail track

The South Central Extension/Downtown Hub is a major project that will bring opportunity and connections to residents of South Phoenix. Construction has reached a critical phase, and as a result, there will be some service disruptions beginning in February and continuing in March. 

What’s Happening

Work will be done over the next two months to connect the new section of track leading to South Phoenix with the existing rail line. It’s a big task that requires lots of manpower, expertise and heavy machinery. Even so, Valley Metro customers still rely on the light rail to get to work, school, grocery stores, medical facilities, and other locations, so we can’t just shut the light rail down to make the connections.

To accomplish the construction and keep people moving, a section of track serving downtown Phoenix will be closed for around two weeks in February. The same will be done to another section of track for two weeks in March.

A map showing the routes affected by construction in February and March
The track outlined in red above shows the route that will be serviced in February 13-26. The green path shows the route that will be serviced in March 13-26.

February Work

Westbound trains will run on the eastbound track from February 13 to 26 from 11th Street to Portland Street, which is just a little north of the Roosevelt/Central Ave platform. If you normally use any of the following stations, you’ll have to switch to their eastbound counterparts:

If you use… … go to
3rd St/Washington 3rd St/Jefferson
Washington/Central Jefferson/1st St
Van Buren/Central Van Buren/1st St

On the Roosevelt/Central Ave platform, westbound trains will arrive on the eastbound tracks.

Due to the fact that the system will be down to one track for about a mile and a half, trains will run every half hour, so please make sure to allow for extra time to get to your destination.

March Work

From March 13 to 26, eastbound trains will run on the westbound track through the same area. Trains will run every 30 minutes and will arrive on the westbound side of the Roosevelt/Central Ave platform, and eastbound platforms will be shut down.

If you use… … go to
3rd St/Jefferson 3rd St/Washington
Jefferson/1st St Washington/Central
Van Buren/1st St Van Buren/Central
People walking next to a passing light rail train

It’s important to note that some bus stops have moved due to renovation of the Central Station. If you’d like more information about the South Central Extension/Downtown Hub or how your commute may be affected due to construction, visit

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