Could you imagine what life would be like without our cell phones? There are still numerous people who don't know the convenience of growing up with a phone in your hand.

I can remember witnessing a traffic accident and leaving the scene to go find a pay phone to report it to the local police department. Now you have a dozen or two calls about the accident immediately after it happens.

National Telephone Day is celebrated on April 25th. Around the world, there are 9.82 billion mobile phones. And while some predicted the landline to be obsolete by 2020, there are still about 931 million landlines around the world. According to the Federal Communications Commission, as of 2015 there were approximately 100,000 payphones still in operation raking in roughly $286 million in 2015.

The new generation phones can do it all. We have our email handy, texting, watching video, listening to our favorite music and so much more! However, please keep the volume in mind when riding light rail or buses.

Valley Metro does request that riders should use electronic devices in an appropriate manner that does not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other passengers. Audio and visual devices including radios, CD players, IPods, MP3 devices, mobile phones and other similar devices must not be audible to other passengers. Mobile phone conversations should be conducted quietly in a manner that does not disturb other riders.

One of the leading complaints we get at AlertVM® is about someone playing their music too loud or someone having a loud conversation with someone on the phone. Speaking loudly or behaving in a way that is unreasonably loud or highly disruptive to other passengers is prohibited according to our code of conduct.

When listening to your electronic devices, use earbuds, headphones, or keep it low enough that those near to you can’t hear it.

Be sure to download the AlertVM® app on your phone to report noise issues and any other disturbances during your commute.

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Dennise Metzger
Dennise Metzger
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
Dennise is a Phoenix native, born at St. Joseph's Hospital and graduated from Paradise Valley High School. Her first career was with the Phoenix Police Department as a Communications Operator (Radio Dispatcher/911 Operator). During her career she received numerous commendations. She received one of the highest honors from the Police Chief: the Police Chiefs Certificate of Recognition. She called her time there “an amazing sometimes very stressful and fascinating career”. In November 2018 she retired from Phoenix PD and started a second career with Valley Metro.