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A peacock on the grass in front of a historic Sahuaro Ranch building

Learning history, appreciating art, and having a picnic sounds like a lot to do all in one day, but there’s a place in Glendale where you can experience it all and it’s easy to get to with Valley Metro. Dubbed the “crown jewel of Glendale's park system,” Sahuaro Ranch Park has something for everyone. The park is easily accessible by Valley Metro bus Route 59 and the free neighborhood circulator the Glendale Urban Shuttle, or GUS, 3. 

Heading up from the bus stop at 59th Ave and Mountain View Rd, I found myself at the east entrance of the park and near its main attraction, the “Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area.” Inside the gated area are wonderfully maintained buildings from the park’s namesake with houses that are over 100 years old. The architecture offers a look into the history of agriculture in Arizona. The area is full of exciting and surprising things to see like a large display of old blacksmithing tools and a field where you can pick fresh grape leaves when they are in season.  

My biggest surprise was finding that the building, once used as a shed, has been converted into a gallery that regularly holds exhibits. When I was visiting the park, the Glendale Arts Council was holding its annual Juried Fine Arts Show. Inside were 170 works of art from artists around the state ranging from unique sculptures to giant paintings. 

A peacock grazes with a flock of pigeons on a grassy space.The most colorful part of the experience is the peacocks! The historic area is home to several of these majestic birds who roam around the area, unafraid of visitors and mingling with the local wildlife. They add a fun and unpredictable element to the area. 

An entrance arch leads to large, open ramadas with roofs over picnic tablesThe historic area is only a small section of the park. As I moved from the historic area, I found long stretches of fields full of picnic benches with personal grills. The park’s ramadas have even bigger grilling areas if you are planning a cookout. While I walked through the park, I saw families enjoying the afternoon biking, eating and playing on the playground. I also saw pets making new furry friends in the dog park. It’s a perfect way to spend a day on an Arizona winter weekend. You can find more information on the park here

If you’re not ready to go home yet after enjoying the park, there are plenty of other destinations in the area. At the northeast end of the park is the Glendale Main Library. One of my other favorite places in the area, downtown Glendale, is just a short trip south on Route 59. Need more destination ideas? Check out our other blogs showing all the cool places Valley Metro can take you here.



Peter Corkery
Peter Corkery
Interim Lead for the Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.