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Biking down Mill Avenue

It's finally spring, and after months of chilly weather, it's time to put the jackets in the closet and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. What better way to celebrate than putting on a crazy costume, grabbing your bike, and taking part in the Tour de Fat in Tempe on April 9th? And what better way to get there from practically anywhere in the Valley than taking Valley Metro?

Crazy costumes are common at Tour de Fat

The Tour de Fat has been a Tempe tradition for more than two decades. It's basically a come-as-you-are cycling celebration, and it attracts thousands of people. Participants are known to dress in wild costumes and there are food trucks and a steady flow of suds courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Company. Basically, if you like being on two wheels, there's going to be something fun there to do.

Tour de Fat stage

"But wait!" you may ask, "I don't live anywhere near Tempe! How am I going to get myself and my bike to the party?"

Things get weird at Tour de Fat

No problem, Valley Metro has you covered! The first thing you should do is head to valleymetro.org or use the Valley Metro app to find the best bus or light rail route to get to Tempe Beach Park. If you're traveling by bus, you should put your bike into the bike rack at the front of the bus. The racks can hold at least two standard-sized bikes.

Use the racks when you take your bike on light rail

If you're traveling by light rail, there are bike racks on trains too! The vertical racks are in the center of every light rail train. If they're all full, please make sure not to block the aisles or doors of the train as you travel.

Your destination is Tempe Beach Park. The closest light rail station is at Mill Ave/3rd St, and it's definitely within biking distance of the park. Several bus routes have stops at the Tempe Transportation Center near Sun Devil Stadium. That might be a great place to get off your bus, grab your bike, and head to Tempe Beach Park for a day of brews, beers, and bemusement. Getting to future Tours de Fat will be even easier when the new Streetcar begins service this spring.

For more information about how to bring a bike with you on your Valley Metro trip, go to https://www.valleymetro.org/how-to-ride/riding-bikes. Here's a bunch of other links to information on the event.

Official event website

Facebook event page

Event info from Tempe Bike Action Group


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