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With gas prices increasing, it has put a strain on the wallet. More and more people have chosen public transportation as the most economical way to commute to work, school, appointments, family fun activities and so much more.

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There are plenty of ways to be courteous while using public transportation. Sometimes, life can be so busy and out of our control that we lose our respect for others. It’s nice to have reminders to keep us grounded. Besides, studies have shown that starting your day on a positive note can change your whole day and how productive you will be. Below, I have listed seven ways we can do this together.

Image showing a Valley Metro customer experience coordinator greeting passengers
  1. A simple good morning or a smile can go a long way. It’s another way to network and prepares you for your day. Depending on how long your commute is going to be, the person sitting or standing next to you might become your new bestie. 
  2. When waiting for trains, streetcars, or buses, please stay alert by standing back at a safe distance to allow the operator to stop safely and pick up passengers.
  3.  As passengers enter and exit transit vehicles, keep aisles and doorways clear of bikes, shopping carts, and strollers.
  4. If you see a passenger boarding on a full ride who may need the seat due to a medical issue or disability, be mindful and courteous enough to give up your seat.
  5. Have your fare ready or in a safe, easy to access place. When you’re fumbling and are not prepared, it can cause unnecessary stress for you and those who are just doing their job.
  6. Keep your electronic devices quiet. Loud music, video calls, and streaming your favorite show or movie without headphones can be rude. Not everyone shares your taste. A pair of earbuds or headphones are a good investment and shows you're considerate of others.
  7. Bikes and scooters are welcomed on board. If you can, please utilize the bike racks that have been provided to keep everyone safe and comfortable.


Image showing passengers next to a bike on a bike rack on a Valley Metro light rail train

Valley Metro has established rules for our riders. I understand that most of us are not too fond of the word “rules,” but I am a big fan of “Respect the Ride.” To learn more or for a refresher on the right thing to do, please feel free to check out the site here:

Image of Valley Metro safety and courtesy mascots Right and Rong

“Keeping one’s attitude positive, especially when the world conspires to make us mad, is one of the great accomplishments of life.” -Brendon Burchard

Christina Braggs
Christina Braggs
Operations Communications Specialist
A California native, Christina has enjoyed a variety of careers from hospitality and law enforcement to being a stay-at-home mom. She was one of the original Customer Experience Coordinators on the light rail system. Her hobbies include baking, interior design, fishing and fashion.