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Whether they are new to Valley Metro or even a regular, riders know that fare is required for riding on light rail or bus. However, many don’t know there are more places to get your ticket than just the fare vending machine by the stations or your local transit center. I’d like to show you all the places you can buy your pass, which is almost always less than the price of gas.

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Valley Metro has partnered with local retailers to sell fares. This handy map on our website here shows the places across the Valley where you can pick up a ticket. I am certain this link will change your life. Grab your pass while shopping for groceries, buying your morning cup of joe, or even getting a car wash. Yes, you heard me! Buying your pass at a retailer can save time and prevent you from missing your train while waiting to use the fare vending machine. Some retailers only sell 1-day passes, so contact your local retailer if you need a 7-day or other pass. If your multiday pass is running out or you’re planning a trip to a Diamondbacks game with the family, then I recommend buying your passes online. You can easily buy your fare from our website here. Orders will arrive in 5-7 business days.

I’m very excited to share that it will soon be even easier to buy fare! Valley Metro is working on mobile ticketing easily purchased through your smartphone using the Valley Metro app. More information about our plans for mobile ticketing can be found here. Valley Metro is always looking for new ways to give our riders flexibility and reliable solutions. While a lot of prices have increased with inflation, the cost of fare has been consistent since 2013. Talk about putting the needs of the customer first! I love alternative options to make my life easier, and I believe you do too. I hope this information helps you make the best decision on how you buy fare. We truly care about enhancing lives and making your trips easy and convenient.

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Christina Braggs
Christina Braggs
Operations Communications Specialist
A California native, Christina has enjoyed a variety of careers from hospitality and law enforcement to being a stay-at-home mom. She was one of the original Customer Experience Coordinators on the light rail system. Her hobbies include baking, interior design, fishing and fashion.