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Students get on Streetcar in Tempe

The public has spoken, and Valley Metro has listened. As we move quickly through 2022 and 2023 is almost here, we know that change can be difficult. This is especially true when our light rail system has been in operation for more than 10 years and it continues expansion at a consistent pace. With the Valley growing and technology moving swiftly, it is our priority to welcome change and provide multiple ways to enhance service to our community and commuters.


These service changes include a new free circulator in Mesa, the Fiesta BUZZ, and a adjusted ZOOM circulator route in Avondale as the city transitions to a new microtransit service called WeRide.

Bus stop sign with routes

Whether you ride the train, streetcar, bus or paratransit service, we welcome you to stay connected through our website. Our Customer Experience Coordinators are out on the trains seven days a week to assist our riders with downloading our apps, helping passengers purchase fares, keeping you informed on service changes, and helping you find your destination. I hope you will feel free to become friends with them because they are very knowledgeable and always ready to help.


Another helpful source for transit information is our customer service team. You can speak to someone by calling 602.253.5000 to walk you through our services, including lost & found issues, connecting routes, service changes and so much more. It’s always encouraging to know that we have a dedicated and friendly team willing to go the extra mile and with an open mind for our riders with any comments and concerns.


Customer Experience Coordinator at 3rd St/Washington

We want riders to know that we appreciate their patience because we know that our projects that enhance our communities can have some bumps in the road However, they are going to result in an expanded system so that more of our residents and visitors can reach their most important destinations. We offer the opportunity to weigh in on future service. Service changes are implemented twice a year and you can view our proposed route changes here. In addition, any unexpected or temporary route changes are documented in the Rider Alerts section of our website and on the Valley Metro App. You can find more information here.

Bus operator

As I mentioned earlier, change can be challenging but rewarding when all is said and done. I don’t know about you, but as we grow with the flow of things, I want to give our out-of-town guests something to brag about when returning to their cities. Sliding into 2023, you will see that the best is yet to come!

Christina Braggs
Christina Braggs
Operations Communications Specialist
A California native, Christina has enjoyed a variety of careers from hospitality and law enforcement to being a stay-at-home mom. She was one of the original Customer Experience Coordinators on the light rail system. Her hobbies include baking, interior design, fishing and fashion.