Phoenix SMART Circulator at ​Acacia Library

School is out for the summer, but many kids across the Valley rely on their school cafeteria to get a healthy meal. Luckily, schools and other organizations offer programs to give kids nutritious meals during the summer months and with temperatures rising, what better way to travel than an air-conditioned train or bus?

Ten libraries in Phoenix are offering children, up to the age of 18, breakfast and lunch meals every weekday. The Burton Barr Library is across the street from the McDowell/Central Ave light rail station and the Yucca Library is found near the 19th Ave/ Montebello station. All ten libraries are also right by a bus stop. This includes stops for two of our free neighborhood circulators. The Phoenix MARY Circulator services the Desert Sage library and the Phoenix SMART Circulator can take you to the Acacia Library.

The breakfast and lunch meals are distributed Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and noon and also Tuesday through Thursday between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Double portions are given out on Fridays so children can have meals for Saturday. More details on the program, including a complete list of participating libraries, can be found here.

The Tempe Elementary School District has three schools that offer breakfast and lunch meals for kids.

Those schools are:

  • Arredondo Elementary School, 1330 E. Carson Dr.
  • Nevitt Elementary School, 4525 E. Anne Ave.
  • Scales Technology Academy, 1115 W. 5th St.

Each school is less than half a mile away from a bus stop. The meals are given out Monday through Thursday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and parents do not need to bring their children to receive the meals. More information can be found at

These are just some of the places where kids can get meals before the school year begins. For more detailed information on Phoenix area schools, be sure to check your local school district found here. A map of more schools and organizations offering meals can be found here.

Wherever you choose to get meals for your children, the quickest route can be found using our trip planner. You can easily find it on the home page of

And, remember to stay safe while using Valley Metro. Face coverings are required, including anyone over the age of two. Do your best to keep your distance from other riders. Valley Metro is doing its part to combat COVID-19. More information can be found here.

Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.