Platform Mound at Pueblo Grande Museum

The intersection of 44th St/Washington is mostly known as a travel hub where people take light rail, bus and PHX Sky Train® to the airport. But, nestled in between all that commotion of modern transportation is the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park, where history comes to life. 

I visited the museum after traveling by light rail.  It’s across the street from the 44th St/Washington light rail station and next to a bus stop for local bus route 1.  Whenever I have multiple transit options, I use the Valley Metro app to figure out whether the bus or train will be arriving first so I can get to and from my destination as fast as possible. The entrance to the museum can’t be missed. Along with the name of the museum on the outer walls, the main door is marked by a two-tone  granite monolith structure that museum officials say is called a portal.

Portal at the entrance of the Pueblo Grande Museum

Once inside, I explored the museum’s four galleries. The largest exhibit focuses on the Hohokam people and their history dating back to 1 A.D. The exhibit includes unearthed artifacts from ancient Arizona and replicas of tools the Hohokam people used. Children can play in their own section of the museum, which helps them understand archaeology and Arizona’s history. This area includes fun activities such as  crafting projects. The other two smaller galleries are revolving exhibits. One currently explores the technology archeologists use today, while the other celebrates Native American women and focuses on their voting rights in America. 

Pithouses at the Pueblo Grande Museum

The Pueblo Grande Museum is one of the many featured locations in the Valley Metro Destination Guide. I love using the guide to find fun and interesting places around the Valley that are just a light rail or bus ride away. You can discover other cool destinations across the Valley here.  

Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.