Tempe Orbit bus at Kiwanis Park

Fall is just around the corner, and as temperatures cool off, more people will be heading outside to enjoy the Arizona temperatures. Valley Metro can take you to many amazing relaxing spots across the Valley, including Kiwanis Park.

Located in southern Tempe, the 128-acre park gives visitors plenty of room to practice social distancing. Across the park you can find ramadas that provide shade and grills for barbecuing. The park includes fields and courts for sports like baseball, soccer, volleyball and tennis.

I’ve visited the park on many occasions and enjoyed the green scenery and hilly terrain. The winding paths take you around the lake and under bridges. The hills give visitors the perfect spot to sit down and have a picnic or to add a bit of challenge to their exercise routine.

Kiwanis Park

If it’s too hot outside for you, there’s more fun to be had inside the Kiwanis Recreation Center. The center is operating with restrictions for your health. It is open every day except for Friday. The center includes the Kiwanis pool, which is open for social distancing swimming. More information on pricing, hours and pool rules can be found here. The center also includes a gymnasium for indoor games of basketball, volleyball and pickleball.

In the evenings you can aim for a home run at the Kiwanis Park Batting Range. The batting cages include machines that shoot baseballs and softballs up to 75 miles per hour! Younger kids who are not ready for the big leagues can practice in the T-ball area. All you need to know about the batting range can be found here.

The park can be accessed easily by bus Route 77, as well as the Tempe Orbit Saturn. The Tempe Orbit Saturn is one of our neighborhood circulators that you can ride for free. The best way to figure out your quickest and most affordable route to the park can be found using the trip planner on the front page of valleymetro.org.

Remember no matter how you travel using Valley Metro, face coverings are required. For more information on how Valley Metro is responding to Covid-19 visit this page.

Peter Corkery
Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.