PHX Sky Train®

Flying these days isn’t cheap. With the new rideshare fee approved by the city of Phoenix, getting to the airport can be costly as well. Savvy travelers are turning to Valley Metro for a less-costly and environmentally friendly solution to getting to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Our light rail station at 44th Street/Washington has an escalator and elevator onsite that brings you straight to the free PHX Sky Train®. The train runs 24 hours and services Sky Harbor airport’s terminals along with the East Economy Lot.

The Sky Train’s station at 44th Street and Washington includes something for people either arriving or departing the airport. The facility has kiosks where you can get your boarding pass before you even enter the airport, ticket vending machines to pick up a pass as you head home with Valley Metro, and a pet park where your furry friends can stretch their legs before a long trip.

I rode Sky Train and watched as the vehicle flew above the tarmac over the planes. I noticed that the East Economy Lot was packed to the gills as we made our first stop. The automated train gave me a smooth ride and a scenic view of the airport.  The service is a great way to avoid the hectic traffic at the pickup and drop off points at Sky Harbor.

And with Valley Metro it’s easy to get to the airport. Nearly all our rail stations share an intersection with a bus stop. Our bus routes stretch far and wide in the Valley and allow for easy transfers. A 1-day fare works both for bus and light rail so an entire trip to the airport only costs $4. With our online trip planner you can find exactly which routes will get you the 44th Street/Washington station and the best time to begin your journey.

Cut out some of the stress and expenses from air travel. Let Valley Metro and PHX Sky Train® be your go-to transportation to the airport.


Peter Corkery
Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.