Woman flags down a bus in traffic

We don’t want you to miss the bus, Gus. Valley Metro Public Information Specialist Brittany Hoffman says “It’s one of the top concerns for nearly every large transit system.” To better tackle the issue, Valley Metro launched a campaign to make getting passed-up a thing of the past.

Bus operators are being trained to slow down before they arrive at a bus stop and scan the area for passengers. To help make sure they see you follow these tips:

  1. Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early. You can plan your trip ahead of time and learn when your bus is arriving by using the trip planner on Valley Metro’s home page or by using NextRide.
  2. Stay visible and pay attention. Don’t stand behind the bus stop or shelter and be sure to look up from your phone to see if your bus is approaching
  3. Try to signal the bus operator when it’s approaching. If it’s dark, wear bright colors and use a flashlight or your phone to signal the operator.

While we all want to get to work on time you should never put yourself at risk by running across the street to catch the bus or running alongside a bus as it is moving.

Valley Metro wants to keep you on time, all of the time.  With a little bit of planning and patience, we believe say so long to getting passed by.