Transit education and outreach is an important component of Valley Metro. Ultimately, the objective is to help as many people get to where they need to go. What better way than to get out in the community and share.

Dolores Nolan, a Community Relations Coordinator for Valley Metro, spends a lot of time teaching community members around the Valley of the Sun about Valley Metro.

Last week, it was off to the Arizona Department of Child Safety to speak to a room of between 50-60 guests about the different services that Valley Metro offers, in a presentation called “learning your public transportation system.”

“What information would I need to know if I were them?” Nolan said. “The most important thing is to know your audience, what is going to work for them.”

The presentation provides the answers to most questions that could come up about Valley Metro. I learned that the ridership for the fiscal year of 2019 was 64 million, which is another reminder of how important public transit is to so many.

Valley Metro's Dolores Nolan presents the features of Valley Metro to the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Nolan starts the presentation by asking others in the room if they had used any of Valley Metro’s services. She was able to predict a few of the reasons why some said no.

“I have a car.”

“It doesn’t go where I need it to go.”

Those were the answers. She welcomes the feedback and tries to provide clarity with more details about how transportation services can still benefit. Even if you have a car, transit can provide a way to reduce traffic and save someone gas money.

“A group like this is very interested because they are looking to serve their clients,” Nolan said. “The more information they have, the more information they can share.”

The group was engaged and continued to ask questions ranging from how to apply for paratransit to riding to an event at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

To find out more on transit education or how to plan an outreach event, visit our website.

John Zetmeir
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
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