Train with question marks

Have you wondered about our light rail transportation system and how trains get you to your destinations? Have you tried to guess how much a train weighs or its maximum capacity? Me neither, but if you ever find yourself on a game show with Valley Metro as the topic, knowing these facts may make or break your chance at accumulating riches.

Each light rail car can comfortably accommodate 175 people, with a maximum capacity of 214. The entire system can accommodate up to 12,000 passengers per hour, the same as a six-lane freeway. The trains weigh 101,000 pounds, are 90 ft long, 12 ft high, and 8.5 ft wide. They are electrically powered using a 750-volt DC traction power system. A single train car can pull an estimated 422,000 lbs. at 35-40 mph, which is equivalent to pulling five tractor trailers. Light rail trains have at least a 30-year lifespan, which means our 10-yr old light rail cars are in their mid-twenties in human years!

Valley Metro operates every day of the year. At peak times, trains arrive in 12-minute frequencies. The entire length of the line is 28 miles, which takes approximately 91 minutes to travel from one end to the other. Looking ahead, Valley Metro has plans for five high capacity transit extensions to create a 50-mile system by 2030. In 2018, Valley Metro helped 48,000 daily commuters get to their destinations on weekdays, nearly 38,000 on Saturdays, and more than 29,000 on Sundays. The day with the greatest average number of riders is Tuesday. If you are one of our commuters, thank you for riding with Valley Metro!

To find out more about Valley Metro Rail, visit the Fact Sheets page

Taylor Dunn
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