Mesa Arts Center

Valley Metro Rail is your Artsline. One of the many places you can visit with Artsline is the cultural hub of downtown Mesa, the Mesa Arts Center. The center’s campus is found across the street from the Center/Main St station.

The grounds themselves are a work of art. Walking near the rail station you can find the Mesa Musical Shadows exhibit. Every step you take plays an acapella sound allowing you to create your own song beneath your feet.

The Mesa Arts Center attracts a variety of shows, from classical music concerts to Broadway style productions right here in the Valley. The center also has fun family shows like “Shrek the Musical” and a musical adaptation of the popular children’s book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.”

Right now, the center is hosting free concerts every Thursday afternoon. Between March and May, the center will be showing free movies and a concert the first Saturday of each month.

The Center also features a free museum, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. I visited the museum and was amazed and all the different art pieces displayed. From traditional acrylic paintings to a sculpture of a human heart made from shoes, the museum showcased the many ways people can create art. The museum has new exhibits every three months so there’s always something new to see.

The center also lets you be part of the action. The facility offers classes from acting to glass blowing. With workshops and camps for kids and adults, there’s something for everyone. More information on the classes and the Mesa Arts Center can be found here.

So hop aboard the Artsline, culture is just a few stops away! And remember, with Valley Metro Rail, getting there is half the fun.

Peter Corkery
Peter Corkery
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
When not helping customers at Valley Metro, Peter enjoys reading, running and hiking around the valley.