Valley Metro new paint job

New paint on rail fleet

Have you noticed one of the newly painted light rail cars out on the line? We are transitioning from the silver and green that’s been on our fleet since 2008, to a brighter shade of purple on each end and a silver body with the Valley Metro logo in white.

Due to expansion of the light rail system over the next 20 years, we are purchasing up to additional rail fleet. The order of new fleet, which could total up to 78 cars, allows us to update the paint colors. All of the older fleet are being painted to match the new cars, which will begin delivery later this year.

Metro logo

This new paint scheme matches the newer bus paint colors allowing our entire system to have a more unified look. Also, with the older fleet, the metallic silver and green were fading and needed repainting. The painting of the original fleet will help ensure that they meet their life expectancy of another 20 years. The need to repaint is especially required in our climate as the harsh exposure from the sun will fade and deteriorate the car bodies.

The 50 cars in the original fleet are being painted over the next three years, which takes place in a large paint booth at our rail storage and maintenance facility. By the end of January, riders can board one of four newly painted cars on the system. When you see a newly painted train, take a picture and tag us @valleymetro. We’d love to know what you think about the new colors.

(Special thanks to Joel Johnson for the picture taken of 133 at the platform)

Dennise Metzger
Operations Communications Specialist
Denni is a Phoenix native, born at St. Joseph’s Hospital and graduated from Paradise Valley High School. Her first career was with the Phoenix Police Department as a Communications Operator. During her career she received numerous commendations, including one of the highest honors from the Police Chief: the Police Chiefs Certificate of Recognition. She called her time there “an amazing, sometimes very stressful and fascinating career.” In November 2018 she retired from Phoenix PD and started a career with Valley Metro.