Since moving to Phoenix in mid-July, I’ve been fortunate to experience many new aspects of living in a new city. It’s certainly hotter than my home state of Kansas but, as the saying goes, it’s a dry heat. As a downtown Phoenix resident, the city is seldom quiet, particularly during the work week. 

Handling a large amount of that daily traffic is the light rail system. The closest thing to the light rail that I had experienced prior to moving to Arizona was the streetcar system in downtown Kansas City. Like in Kansas City, there is hardly an empty train moving down the tracks, especially downtown. 


I’ve gotten out to ride the trains on numerous occasions. Whether it’s seeing someone going to or from work, a student going to campus or just common day-to-day travel, it has been good to see how many Valley of the Sun residents not only ride the light rail but rely on it daily. 

With numerous events in downtown Phoenix, the light rail is the perfect solution for getting to an event without worrying about parking, whether it’s a concert, a game or just a night out. I know I’ll be utilizing the light rail even more when the NBA season gets started this fall.

If you aren’t a frequent rider on the trains, here are some tips that can help you. 

1. Plan ahead: Check the train schedule and try not to catch the very last possible train to your destination. There could always be a minor delay due to traffic. 

2. Be friendly: When on the train, grab a window seat and don’t block any other seats. 

3. If you see something, let us know: Download the AlertVM and contact Valley Metro if you see something on the train.

I anticipate using the light rail system as I continue to familiarize myself with the new city and everything that it has to offer. I also encourage everyone to try it just to see if it might help make the day just a little easier. Just don’t forget to buy a ticket. 

John Zetmeir
Rail Operations Communications Speicalist
Professional communicator and avid sports fan. Proud Kansas native enjoying life in the Valley of the Sun. Always enjoying a trip to the gym followed by a good plate of tacos.