Valley Metro's light rail service is expanding, and that means we're going to have to find room for all these new trains!

The Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC), where trains are stored, cleaned and maintained, has been receiving a behind-the scenes upgrade to handle the continuous expansion of Valley Metro’s light rail system and new streetcar line. The planning of this project began in 2017 and includes building new storage tracks, expanding maintenance buildings and adding new service and cleaning facilities.

Storage tracks

New Valley Metro light rail trains are making their way to the Valley of the Sun. Three brand new Siemens trains have arrived, and more will be on the way throughout the coming year.

In addition, Tempe Streetcar vehicles are expected to be here in the spring of 2021. In total, the fleet will add 11 new light rail fleet for the expansion of the South Central Extension/Downtown Hub and Northwest Phoenix Extension Phase II and five streetcars for the Tempe Streetcar project. Like with anything, the more you add, the more room you will need to accommodate those additions.

When trains are not out transporting passengers to their next destination, they stay at the OMC. If they don’t require repairs, they stay on the storage tracks until they are ready to pull out, so additional storage tracks are a necessity.

OMC construction

With the expansion of the Operations and Maintenance Center, Valley Metro will have the maintenance facilities it will need as it works towards its goal of having a 50-mile light rail system by 2034.

John Zetmeir
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
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