Right and Rong

Using the light rail to commute can be a wonderful experience if everyone follows some simple rules. It can also be quite entertaining when we forget how our actions impact those around us. Considering I’m a transplant from New York City, I’ve seen what takes place when hundreds of people are following their “own rules” in the transit system.

An example of this is when passengers entering the train decide they have the right-of-way over those exiting. Common-sense rules are what I call light rail etiquette, which is a code of behavior according to social conventional norms. While important, riders can still ride even if they don’t practice the basic rules etiquette.

On the other hand, violations of the “Respect the Ride” code of conduct will not be tolerated. Our focus is on providing a safe and comfortable ride for all, and that, we take seriously. You can read our full code of conduct here: https://www.valleymetro.org/respect-ride.

Here’s my quick etiquette guide on how to ride light rail:

  • Letting people off the train before jumping on is equivalent to not slamming the door in someone’s face who is walking behind you. Let them off! They have places to be with important busy stuff to do, plus we need the space.
  • Valley Metro loves to be helpful but moving is not our specialty. We do not help move furniture or items larger than a laundry basket. Please hire a moving truck for that.
  • Please make sure you are well rested before you get on the train. We don’t provide a sleeping service of any kind, seats are not beds.
  • You may bring your children onto the train, but please don’t leave them on the train when you get off.
  • Full clothing is required on all Valley Metro property unless you are Jason Momoa ;)
  • Everyone riding the light rail should have a destination, as I’m sure you have more productive things to do on a Saturday then to keep riding around, and around, and around, and around...
  • Do not bring food to eat on the train, we do not include a dining car with our service.
  • There is also no bar car, so drinking alcohol beverages of any kind is prohibited. I would assume there are more fun places to do that anyway.
  • Please don’t listen to phone noise of any kind without your headphones on! It may be music to you, but others may not have the same taste. Also, nobody is interested in hearing your conversation about how your best friend cheated with your boyfriend’s dog’s former owner’s uncle.
  • No pigs on the train please, unless it is an emotional support pig. Yes, there is such a thing.
  • Please buy your fare before you get on the train. We do not provide free service.
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We love our customers, and in all seriousness, please check our code of conduct to get the official rules. Set an example by creating a positive environment to be enjoyed by everyone: https://www.valleymetro.org/respect-ride.

Take the Ride Like Right pledge here: https://www.ridelikeright.com/pledge.

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Taylor Dunn
Taylor Dunn
Operations Communications Specialist
Psychology student, musician, and social media manager. Graduated from The King’s College previously located in the Empire State Building. Has been employed with Metro-North Railroad out of Grand Central Terminal and NYC’s Department of Emergency Management. A CrossFit enthusiast who enjoys lattes at hipster coffee shops.