Valley Metro light rail stations are close to grocery and retail stores in Metro Phoenix. The 19th Avenue North corridor features shopping and grocery options close to light rail.

For instance, Phoenix’s Christown Spectrum Mall is a short distance from the 19th Ave/ Montebello park-and-ride, bus facility, and light rail station. 
Farther up the line, the Glendale/19th Ave station is just across the street from a Fry’s Marketplace. 

The Northern/19th Ave station is conveniently located near an Albertson’s grocery store, Walgreens and Sprouts Farmer’s Market. 

Riders on the 19th Ave/Montebello Station

In Downtown Phoenix, a new Fry’s Marketplace is close to the 3rd St/Jefferson station making it easy for residents in downtown and East Phoenix to shop.

In the East Valley, there are shopping opportunities close to light rail. In Tempe, a Food City is located near the Dorsey/Apache Blvd light rail stop. 

In Mesa, there is a Fry’s Marketplace close to the Alma School/Main St station and another Food City east of the Stapley/Main St light rail station. We can help you plan your trip. Check out this link at (

Please remember, shopping carts are not allowed on Valley Metro trains or platforms. But you are welcome to bring your own foldable cart as long as it doesn’t block aisles. 

Whether shopping, going to work or traveling to visit family, be sure to remember your face covering and try to distance six feet from other riders. 

A core purpose of Valley Metro is connecting communities by providing an efficient public transit system linking people and places through frequent and reliable transit service.

Mark Carlson
Mark Carlson
Rail Operations Communications Specialist
Mark Carlson is an Operations Communications Specialist with Valley Metro. He brings 40 years of newsroom experience to his position including working as a newsroom supervisor for 23 years with The Associated Press in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix. In addition to serving as a writer, editor, anchor, and reporter for radio stations in Phoenix and Los Angeles, he also worked as a television assignment editor and digital news writer and editor in Phoenix and Baltimore. A Phoenix native, Mark attended Maryvale High.