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Are you interested in saving time and money on your commute? Then consider signing up for Valley Metro’s vanpool program. Valley Metro provides passenger vans for groups of 6 to 15 people to commute together, however due to impacts from COVID-19 there is currently no passenger minimum required.  

Valley Metro vanpools are a cost-effective transportation alternative. It only costs an average of $5 per day, per person to cover insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Riders also share the cost of fuel. Some employers may even provide a subsidy to help lower costs. With gas prices rising, now is a great time to take advantage of this limited offer on special rates. 

What better way to start the day than being driven to work by one of your co-workers, while you sip your extra-large caramel latte, meditate or read a novel on the way? Not only are you able to be more productive during your commute, but you are saving the wear and tear on your vehicle. Vanpools can also shorten the commute time when driving in the HOV lane and decrease stress caused by being stuck in traffic.  

Vanpooler Ken Harper said, “The carpool lane is a blessing, and I love that I now drive only 6 miles a day instead of 50. Our members genuinely care for one another. We respect each other’s privacy and feelings, and always offer friendship and support.” 


Vanpools are also an environmentally friendly transportation alternative. Vanpool riders are responsible for a reduction of 365,296 pounds of pollution and have saved approximately 1.3 million gallons of fuel and $3.4 million dollars in cost. The program also saved 32.5 million miles of travel equivalent to 69 round trips to the moon.  

Angie Wilkie, Valley Metro Vanpool Program Coordinator, said “Enterprise, Valley Metro’s vanpool contractor, is also offering a $200 incentive for all current Valley Metro vanpool groups who refer a new group that forms a vanpool. So be sure to refer your friends and family.” 

For more info about vanpools and how to start one, please contact Valley Metro’s Vanpool Coordinator at (602) 523-6062 or email You can also visit

Taylor Dunn
Taylor Dunn
Lead Operations Communications Specialist
Taylor is a musician, CrossFit enthusiast, and student of psychology who enjoys lattes at hipster coffee shops. She graduated from The King's College in New York City and was previously employed with FEMA, NYC's Department of Emergency Management, and Metro-North Railroad out of Grand Central Terminal.