Vanpool riders with face coverings

Are you looking for alternative modes of transportation that will reduce costs, pollution, and save the wear and tear on your car? The commuter ridesharing tool,, helps Maricopa County commuters plan their trips using alternative transportation, such as carpooling, public transit, vanpooling, bicycling, and walking. 

Valley Metro recently partnered with RideAmigos to launch a new platform for, which now includes a mobile app. The platform is user friendly and accessible in both English and Spanish. The new site will allow you to log in your time savings and travel distance. You can earn badges, enter contests and see your savings. A new trip planner is also featured. It provides real-time traffic information that could impact your commute. 

“The new includes a number of new features to help users improve their daily commute.” said Abigail Cooksey-Williams, TDM Manager. “The redesigned multimodal site, combined with gamification features, encourages Maricopa County commuters to use an alternative mode instead of driving alone.”

It was easy for me to sign up. I registered at, entered my commute, downloaded the Commute Tracker app by RideAmigos and connected my account. After that, I was able to join a challenge and enter a drawing for a Home Depot gift card.

I hope you consider joining ShareTheRide and playing a part in reducing pollution and enhancing air quality in the Valley. If you do decide to join the ShareTheRide community and plan on riding with others, please remember to stay safe by wearing a face-covering and taking other recommended safety precautions. 

Taylor Dunn
Taylor Dunn
Lead Operations Communications Specialist
Taylor is a musician, CrossFit enthusiast, and student of psychology who enjoys lattes at hipster coffee shops. She graduated from The King’s College in New York City and was previously employed with FEMA, NYC’s Department of Emergency Management, and Metro-North Railroad out of Grand Central Terminal.