Photo of Annalisa L.
Annalisa L. – Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Biking is a healthy alternative to driving alone and can also help extend a transit trip. When temperatures soar during summer, it can be tough to maintain the routine. Tough – but not impossible, according to one Valley commuter who bikes to work each day.

Meet Annalisa, who lives close enough to bike to work at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “Although the heat is the biggest deterrent, I stay hydrated, bring a change of clothes with me, and I remember the pros outweigh the cons,” she explained.

“The exercise, reduced emissions and getting home faster than driving alone and searching for a parking space are reasons why I build a better commute by biking,” Annalisa expanded. “The biggest benefits are the ones to our city. Reducing emissions is a huge deal, especially with all of our looming climate issues. It makes me feel better to know I am contributing to a sustainable solution and I get some extra exercise each day!”

As a bike commuter for nearly one year, Annalisa is confident that this is the right choice for her. “If someone is considering transit, carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking or teleworking, I would tell them to make the jump!” Annalisa also boasted that Phoenix has made great strides with transit so it is more accessible than ever and actually saves time.

Annalisa also participates in Valley Bike Month each year and concluded, “I had a great experience when I entered contests because I won some cool stuff while reaping the rewards of biking.”