Image of Diane
Diane H.

Getting around the Valley may be a scramble for many commuters, but for one United States Postal Service (USPS) employee, getting her commute to add up was easy. Meet Diane H., who adopted carpooling and teleworking more than three years ago.

“The choice was easy for my wife and me when we moved to Laveen and began to share the ride to work,” Diane explained, listing the benefits she now enjoys by leaving behind the drive alone. “I save money and wear on my vehicle. Because I work with our environmental team and the Travel Reduction Program (TRP) at the USPS, I understand the importance of affecting air quality in a positive way.” Telework is also a winning strategy for Diane to reduce the amount of pollution emitted and the traffic congestion that single occupant drivers endure. Diane teleworks every Wednesday.

“Give carpooling or teleworking a try. You might be surprised how easy it is once you get started,” Diane advised to those considering a better commute. Diane is also an active user of, which offers commute-matching tools, a commute cost calculator, contests to reward participants and much more.