Image of Efren
Efren M.

For some Valley commuters, choosing more than one alternative mode of transportation is easier to commit to than a single one. Meet Efren M, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who makes his life easier by riding the bus, teleworking and biking for his work commute.

“At my previous employer, there was an incentive to take transit – a free transit pass. This made me want to try it and eventually I stuck with it.” Efren explained. “Using Valley Metro’s online Trip Planner makes it easy to find routes and schedules. I can even get creative and use canal routes to bike and end up at a bus stop for the remainder of the trip.”

Aside from benefits like saving money and reducing pollution, Efren stated his favorite part of a multi-modal commute, “I get to relax during the commute and make my life a bit easier. Driving is frustrating!” We couldn’t agree more, Efren!