Photo of Mark H.
Mark H. – Bashas’ Grocery Stores

Bicycling to work, school and for fun brings better health, beautiful surroundings and fun with fellow cyclists. It’s just one way to build a better commute. Just ask Mark Harrington, who bikes to work at Bashas’.

“I began to bicycle about three years ago to lose weight. I don’t like other forms of exercise because of the impact.” Mark described how biking brought many benefits. “Besides being great exercise, I’ve met new people and have fun participating in rides like Tour de Mesa, Tour de Tucson and family rides.”

With the heat comes new ways of coping. Mark advised, “I leave early and only ride to work. My wife will pick me up after work. I also stay hydrated and keep frozen water bottles so they thaw during the 9-mile ride.” He described his scenic route, “When I ride along the canal, I see the moon shining on the water, baby ducks and an occasional coyote.”

Mark has participated in Valley Bike Month for the past two years and even won a helmet. He explained, “When you share your experiences, people get excited and share in your success.” That’s a great reason to stack up the pieces and build a better commute by bicycling!