Image of Sejal
Sejal P.

Carpooling and working a compressed work schedule can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, both options save commute costs and vehicle wear. Working a compressed schedule means the employee has fewer days to report to work; however, the work day can be tiring because of the extra hours. And, the last thing the employee wants to face is a stressful drive home.

Meet Sejal P., who works a compressed work schedule at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and incorporates carpooling to make her commute add up to a better life. “I have a long drive after a very long day so sharing the ride takes the edge off. Plus, it’s better for the environment,” Sejal explained.

“There is also a bonus of meeting new people and having interesting conversations,” Sejal described how she finds it to relieve stress. “I’ve been carpooling for about two years and track my activity and see the progress at” The savings and pollution prevention over that period all adds up to quite an achievement!