Photo of Veronica E.
Veronica E.- AutoNation Tempe Toyota Scion

Biking is not just an alternative mode of transportation for Veronica Edwards – it’s her only mode of transportation. But that wasn’t always the case.

During an unfortunate bus operator strike a few years ago, Veronica shuffled her commute choice from riding the bus to bicycling. Once the strike ended, Veronica continued with the healthy, pollution-free, low-cost commute choice to bike. Beyond the economic benefits, Veronica joked, “I have a really great tan and my legs are in shape as a result of biking!” She added that bikes always run even when bus service does not!

When challenges arise, such as her bike needing repairs, Veronica explained, “I will end up walking. My bike is rarely in the shop but when it has happened, I will do so and I even have checkpoints to guide me during the four-mile walk to work so I know when to leave.”

Another challenge with biking and walking include the summer heat. “The heat doesn’t bother me, but flat tires can happen due to heat. My lot attendant, friends and coworkers will help me out in that case,” Veronica noted.

Veronica summed why she loves biking, “I get plenty of exercise and save money – no need to pay for a gym membership. Even with a flat tire, the repair costs don’t come close to driving!” Veronica is a great example of how to build a better commute by biking or walking.