Image of Veronica
Veronica N.

When we think of the game of work, a sense of adventure doesn’t usually come to mind. For adventure seekers, though, using alternatives to driving alone can make life easier and also be an adventure in fun!

Meet Veronica N. As an employee of Desert Botanical Garden, Veronica is exposed to the benefits of using alternative modes of transportation via the Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program (TRP) and puts them to good use.

In the fall, winter and spring, she enjoys riding her bike to work, hopping onto the light rail for half of the trip. “I was starting to feel like a zombie driving the same route alone every day,” she explained. “I was also conscious that I was polluting the atmosphere and being new to Phoenix, I wanted to commute a different way and explore bus routes, bike routes and light rail.”

At first, the new routine concerned Veronica and her boyfriend, coming from a small town in Iowa with very little traffic. Fortunately, Tempe installed a bike lane on McClintock, which made the commute safer. For the past two years, Veronica has enjoyed riding her bike and taking light rail because it offers adventure. She feels alive, no longer zombie-like, and proclaimed that “Riding into work, I feel great and it makes my life easier by transforming my day.” She also enjoys the free time during the commute to catch up on correspondence, study French and listen to music.

Veronica has overcome concerns of safety, learned how to hang her 35 lb. bike on the light rail and persevered for better air quality. Whether it is engaging in her workplace’s organized bike ride each April, commuting to and from work or having breakfast with other cyclists, Veronica is a great example of how using light rail and a bike to get to work makes life easier!