Photo of Bill M.
Bill M.

Phoenix Spokes People/City of Phoenix

2017 Winner: Outstanding Leadership

Bill has biked to work at the City of Phoenix since 2006. With a 5.5-mile trip, he has logged more than 17,400 bike commute miles!

Bill is President and a founding member of Phoenix Spokes People (PSP), an advocacy group that makes Phoenix a friendlier place to bike and attends countless budget hearings and public meetings.

Bill built a Facebook page, PDL PHX, “All about the joys of riding a bicycle in Phoenix” and shares inspiring posts. Bill was also a founding member and tester of Grid Bikeshare and is a board member and loyal volunteer at Rusty Spoke Community Bicycle Collective. He also uses his personal time to speak at events such as Valley Bike Month’s Statewide Bicycling Summit and employer lunch and learns.