Photo of Dr. Glenn Kishi
Dr. Glen K.

Indian Health Service, Phoenix Indian Medical Center

2017 Finalist: Outstanding Commuter – Bicyclist or Walker

Dr. Glen K. is a long-time bicyclist and an advocate for using alternative transportation modes. In April 2017, Dr. K. promoted Valley Bike Month at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center with gusto! He encouraged colleagues to register for the Team Challenge. Each week he sent an encouraging email to teammates reminding them to ride their bike to the store, library or errands.

Dr. K. also stresses the benefits for general physical fitness and cardiovascular health. He encourages fellow bicyclists to be fully attentive to their surroundings, obey all traffic laws and always wear a properly fitted helmet. He enjoys riding past the traffic congestion but more importantly, he is thrilled to know that he does not contribute to air pollution.