You can nominate any individual participant or employer in the Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program, including yourself, by completing the nomination form and attaching supporting materials for the project or program. All projects or programs must have occurred between August 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021. Emailed entries are encouraged, you can find entry details at Valley Metro’s website in the Commute Solutions section.

Entry Requirements

Please submit an entry coversheet/form for each category entered. Multiple entries are permitted. The form must be complete and include a maximum 250-word summary of the project or program. This summary will be used as a judging brief.

In addition to the entry form, applicants should submit supporting documentation such as short video clips, photographs, DVDs, written materials (i.e. literature, press releases, media articles, development plans) and other information to assist judges. The more visual support you can provide, the better.

Previous winners may apply. Previous winning entries may not be submitted again for the same category.

Selection Criteria

  • Clarity of message
  • Effectiveness, quality and overall impact of supporting materials (when applicable)
  • Project/program directly or indirectly reduces hazardous emissions and other pollutants
  • Demonstrates innovation and uniqueness
  • Displays initiative, transforms project/program and/or leads by example
  • Shows dedication and support for travel reduction and clean air programs
  • Achieves measurable results (use statistics in summary as applicable)


The entries will be judged by an independent review panel.


Entry Rules

People's Choice Most Creative Bulletin (or Electronic) Board or Most Engaging Social Media Platform

Submissions Deadline: Friday, August 20, 2021, 5 p.m.

Other Nominations Deadline

Friday, August 27, 2021, 5 p.m.
(Entries must be received by the deadline)

Electronic/online entries are encouraged.

ALL ENTRIES AND SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS SHOULD BE EMAILED. If unable to email, then send via regular mail or delivery to office at:
Valley Metro Clean Air Campaign Awards
101 North 1st Avenue, Suite 1400, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Send email submissions to cleanair@valleymetro.org. Be sure to resize large documents/photos to less than 2MG each. The total size of individual emailed entries combined cannot exceed 15MG.

For more information, call (602) 262-RIDE (7433) or contact your Commute Solutions coordinator. Email questions to cleanair@valleymetro.org.

Please note late entries will not be considered.

For More Information

If you need more information, please call (602) 262-RIDE (7433), email questions to cleanair@valleymetro.org or contact your Commute Solutions coordinator.