Lillian Duarte, Commute Solutions Coordinator
Lillian Duarte is a Commute Solutions Program Coordinator who has been with Valley Metro since January 1987. With an associate degree in Fine Arts from Phoenix College, she brought a love for creativity to the table, a very small table, with only 10 employees back then. 

What would eventually evolve into Valley Metro, the Regional Public Transit Authority (RPTA) was a newly formed agency and Lillian wore several hats in various departments, including Procurement, Planning and Rideshare. “My favorite department was the Rideshare department because it meshed so well with my passion for caring about people,” Lillian explained. “I am a people-person so I like to relate to others, make them feel comfortable and help to solve their commute and program-related issues.”

Lillian has been involved with ACT (Association for Commuter Transportation) Valley of the Sun chapter, serving as a Board member for four years. It provides the opportunity to network with other transportation agency representatives nationally and globally. 

Lillian also has an extensive background in event planning. “I love to plan events and feel challenged like putting puzzle pieces together with so many elements involved, such as selecting venues, securing sponsorships and contributing to the creative,” she described. One of Lillian’s short term goals includes the annual Clean Air Campaign Awards and Luncheon, where Valley Metro recognizes and honors individuals and organizations for extraordinary clean air achievements. “Connecting with the audience is vital each year, while I aim to make the milestone years (i.e. 25th, 30th, 35th) more special than the previous!”

On a personal note, Lillian loves to walk, attend concerts and tap into creativity with painting and drawing. Her family, faith and two cats also hold a special place in Lillian’s life, adding “my pets greatly enrich my life!” With Lillian’s experience and drive, she enriches the lives of those she connects with.