Desert Mountain employees riding in a vanpool vehicle

What is a vanpool?

  • A vanpool is a group of six to 15 people who commute to work together in a Valley Metro van.
  • The van is driven by one or more of the vanpool members. Each van is required to have one primary and two alternate drivers.
  • Riders share the cost of operating the van by paying a monthly fare.
  • The fare covers van insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Riders split the cost of fuel.
  • Some employers provide a vanpool subsidy to help lower the monthly cost of the fare. Check with your employer about this benefit.
  • Each member receives two Guaranteed Ride Home reimbursements a year.
  • The vanpool group establishes the rules for their vanpool: route, stops, fare collection, assigned drivers, etc.

What are the benefits?

  • Saves money on your commute costs.
  • Cleaner air and less traffic.
  • Save wear and tear on your personal car.
  • Reduces stress from driving during peak commute time.
  • Save time by driving in the HOV lane.
  • Save money on your personal car insurance.
  • Make new friends.

How much does it cost?

The average cost is $5 per person, per day. The monthly fares are based on round trip mileage and the size of the vehicle. Check with your employer about a vanpool subsidy.

Drivers responsibilities:

  • Drive vanpool group to and from work.
  • Submit a monthly NTD (National Transit Database) report.  
  • Schedule routine maintenance (at our expense). Mobile maintenance is available.
  • Park van in a secure location.
  • Establish ground rules for vanpool group.
  • Be the contact for Valley Metro/Enterprise (Vanpool Contractor).
  • Keep the van clean and fueled.

Drivers requirements:

  • Have a valid Arizona driver’s license and a safe driving record. – No CDL required.
  • Must be 25 years old.

Driver benefits:

In exchange for driving and coordinating the vanpool, primary drivers can receive 300 personal miles per month.

FY19 cost & environmental savings

In Fiscal Year 2019, Valley Metro vanpool riders…

  • Reduced 420,540 pounds of pollution
  • Saved $4 million in fuel cost
  • Saved 38 million miles traveled and 2 million gallons of fuel
    • 38 M miles = 79 round trips to the moon
    • 2 M gallons of fuel = 17,000 barrels of US-refined crude oil

For more information about vanpools and how to get one started, call the Valley Metro Vanpool Coordinator at (602) 523-6062 or email

American Express employees standing by their van

"Truly a life-changer! I spent far too many years making the 34-mile one-way trip to the office. My only regret is not doing this years before – the savings of time, money, life and the environment are incredible. What an awesome program."

David M., American Express vanpooler

Six smiling vanpoolers

“I get to use the HOV lane, save gas and wear on my car. When I’m not driving, I use my time for emailing or texting. Some of us read; others sleep or work on their laptops.”

Carole S., SRP Vanpooler