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Vanpool driver getting Valley Metro van

What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is a group of six to 15 people who commute to work together in a Valley Metro van. Due to COVID-19, the minimum of six riders is not currently required in order to give riders more room for social distancing. Each van is required to have a primary and alternate driver. Riders share the cost of operating the van by paying a monthly fare that includes insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Riders also split the cost of fuel. Some employers provide a vanpool subsidy to help lower the monthly cost of the fare. Check with your employer about this benefit. The vanpool group establishes their own ground rules for their vanpool: route, stops, fare collection, assigned drivers, etc.

Please visit the Valley Metro COVID-19 Updates page for important safety information. 

What are the benefits?

  • Saves money on your commute costs.
  • Cleaner air and less traffic.
  • Save wear and tear on your personal car.
  • Reduces stress from driving during peak commute time.
  • Save time by driving in the HOV lane.
  • Save money on your personal car insurance.
  • Make new friends.

How much does it cost?

The average cost is $5 per person, per day. The monthly fares are based on round trip mileage and the size of the vehicle. Check with your employer about a vanpool subsidy.

Important Driver Information

For more information about vanpools and how to get one started, call the Valley Metro Vanpool Coordinator at (602) 523-6062 or email

Infographic listing the savings benefits of Vanpool for fiscal year 2021: Reduced 171,924 pounds of pollution, Saved $1.7 million in fuel cost and 613,000 gallons of fuel, Saved 15.3 million miles traveled.