Track Access | Valley Metro
light rail construction workers

Valley Metro’s Track Access process is utilized to accommodate work activity on or about the right-of-way in a safe manner. This is accomplished via training, the submittal of an Access Permit Request form, and the approval of the request. Approved Access Permit requests ascertain that roadway workers, controllers, operators, and maintenance staff are aware of authorized work activity at a specific location for a defined period of time. The Track Allocation procedure must be utilized anytime scheduled work will:

  • Occur within 7 feet from the center of a track (3 feet from curb or rumble strip)
  • Occur within 10 feet of the Overhead Catenary System components (Wires, Support Wires, Poles)
  • Occur within the boundaries of the right-of-way (ROW)
    • Station/Platforms
    • Sidings
    • Pocket Tracks
    • Tail Tracks
    • Bridges
  • Occur within any structure that has the potential to affect train movement or service delivery:
    • Substation
    • Communication Signal House/Cabinet
    • Operations Control Center / Back-up Operations Control Center