Valley Metro has joined 165 transit agencies across North America who are committing to maintain measures that help ensure the safe return of public transit riders as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Valley Metro has implemented cleaning and disinfecting regimens above and beyond our regularly scheduled cleaning process for transit fleet and public spaces since the beginning of the pandemic. 

We are now utilizing fogging on both buses and light rail vehicles. Fogging is an anti-viral/anti-bacterial vapor misting system that disinfects large spaces by leaving a longer, residual clean.

  • Buses are fogged three times per week. On the days they are not fogged, all high-touch areas (stanchions, hand rails, seat rails, etc.) are cleaned with an anti-viral solution.
  • Light rail trains are fogged once a month using a two-step process that lasts longer. First, they are fogged with a sanitizing solution and then fogged with a "barrier" solution that lasts for approximately one month. High-touch areas on light rail vehicles are cleaned with an anti-viral solution each day.

At light rail stations, fare vending machines, handrails, water fountains, call boxes, seats and armrests are disinfected daily with an anti-viral solution.

Paratransit vehicles are being cleaned with a broad-spectrum disinfectant nightly. Drivers are also wiping down high touch areas with disinfectant throughout the day.