Heroes | Valley Metro

Thank You!

Thank you… for continuing to serve our communities.

Thank you… for your hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

Thank you… for your diligence and compassion during this challenging time.

Valley Metro thanks our frontline staff for your ongoing commitment to provide essential trips for our riders. From operators to maintenance staff, custodial to support staff, all of you are important and essential. You make it possible to continue providing a high level of service our riders appreciate. We are all in this together as an agency and a region.

Thank you… for connecting communities and enhancing lives.

Social media shout outs

Shortie Zola: As a senior with mobility issues, buses are my only way to visit doctors Thank you for all you do!

Alice Myskowski: Thank you and God bless you. Bus drivers, light rail operators, medical community! And those who work at the grocery stores in the valley  praying for you all

Brandon Tran: We are so proud of you Valley Metro keep up the great work and stay healthy. 

Nancy Dippre: Valley Metro you guys are awesome and make sure everyone is healthy and keep up awesome work you guys doing.

Elaine Jones: Thanks for maintaining service!

Selina Rodriguez: Thank you

Bree Boehlke: Thank you for keeping the community safe!

Councilmember Robin Arredondo-Savage: Thank you to all of the dedicated transit workers for helping to keep our community moving. Thank you to all Valley Metro staff.

Town of Gilbert: Thank you to our Valley Metro transit workers for showing up every day to get our essential workers where they need to be.

City of Tempe: Thank you to our public transit workers!

Douglas Perera: Please convey my deepest appreciation for every single one of your operators!

Buses at the Tempe Transportation Center participated in the national #SoundTheHorn initiative on Thursday, April 16. Transit vehicles across the country honked their horns to honor transit workers who are continuing to serve the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.