Man and woman in black and yellow uniform with woman and man light rail riders
CECs Dave and Christel help out-of-town guests with riding light rail

Newest addition to Respect the Ride: Customer Experience Coordinators!

We’d like you to meet our new Customer Experience Coordinators (CECs). They officially began their role on August 1, 2019 to help riders at our busiest stations with questions about service, directions or any other issues related to riding light rail. They act as ambassadors for Valley Metro Rail, offering up smiles and friendly faces in their bright yellow and black uniforms. The CECs also support the security officers in their jobs, helping to ensure system cleanliness and safety. The team of five CECs will expand to 10 later this year.

The CECs are part of Valley Metro’s Respect the Ride campaign, launched in 2017, which introduced a Code of Conduct for light rail riders to follow. This Code of Conduct asks riders to abide by the rules to help ensure a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable experience for all passengers. Other elements of Respect the Ride include the Right & Rong educational campaign, increased security personnel and paid fare zones at station platforms. Respect the Ride has resulted in improved safety; security incidents on the light rail line have decreased by 40 percent between 2018 and 2019.