Valley Metro uses a regularly scheduled cleaning process for transit fleet and public spaces. With the advent of COVID-19 in the U.S., we are enhancing the cleaning and disinfecting regimens on public transit.

We are now utilizing fogging on both buses and light rail vehicles. Fogging is an anti-viral/anti-bacterial vapor misting system that disinfects large spaces by leaving a longer, residual clean.

  • Buses are fogged three times per week. On the days they are not fogged, all high-touch areas (stanchions, hand rails, seat rails, etc.) are cleaned with an anti-viral solution.
  • Light rail trains are fogged once a month using a two-step process that lasts longer. First, they are fogged with a sanitizing solution and then fogged with a "barrier" solution that lasts for approximately one month. High-touch areas on light rail vehicles are cleaned with an anti-viral solution each day.

At light rail stations, fare vending machines, handrails, water fountains, call boxes, seats and armrests are disinfected daily with an anti-viral solution.

Paratransit vehicles are being cleaned with a broad-spectrum disinfectant nightly. Drivers are also wiping down high touch areas with disinfectant throughout the day.