Carlene and Michelle are Valley Metro employees who discovered the benefits of carpooling just over one year ago. Following a watercooler session about her commute from Gilbert to downtown Phoenix, Carlene learned that her new co-worker, Michelle, lived close by in San Tan Valley. That’s when they decided to give carpooling a chance. On day one, Michelle was late. Carlene immediately thought that carpooling wasn’t right for her. To her surprise, they arrived to work on time, even slightly early, because they cruised in using the HOV lane. They continued to carpool and quickly started to experience the benefits. Each save $40 a month on gasoline, avoid extra wear and tear on their vehicles and save precious commute time. “Not only do we spend less time on the road, because we’re in the HOV lane, but the time flies because we’re busy talking and singing,” laughs Carlene. Michelle and Carlene have formed a good friendship traveling to work together. After Carlene had her son, they agreed to make a slight adjustment to their commute to drop him off at childcare. “It only takes a few extra minutes and I don’t want to lose my carpool buddy,” said Michelle. “There’s just too many perks to sharing the ride.” To find your carpool buddy, visit

Corinne Holliday
Valley Metro