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Looking to provide transit passes to your employees? Students? Clients? Valley Metro’s Internal Transit Outlet is the way to go. How you choose to use it is up to you…buy any pass type, give it away, or sell it at a discounted price. Fare media may not be sold at a price higher than face value.

And since our passes never expire, you will never have to worry about returns or credits!

Why Use The Internal Transit Outlet?

  • You’ll save employees time and the inconvenience of purchasing their own passes
  • You gain total flexibility…sell transit passes at cost, or subsidize and pay all (or a portion) of the cost, while the recipient pays the balance.
  • High turnover? No problem…our “rolling passes” come in All-Day, 7-Day 15-Day and 31-Day increments (good for unlimited rides on local routes and light rail for consecutive days beginning on the first day of use).
  • You decide how much inventory to keep on hand. Order as often as you like by the convenience of email or fax. ($2.50 shipping charge.)
  • It’s great to be green and good to be seen…you’ll be recognized in your community as a green employer!

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