Fare Vending Machines | Valley Metro

Buying your transit fare is easy with fare vending machines located on all light rail platforms. Passes purchased at fare vending machines are good on bus and light rail service. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa and debit cards accepted.

IMPORTANT! A 1-ride fare purchased at a fare vending machine is good only for light rail; keep your receipt because it is your proof of payment. To purchase a 1-ride fare for the bus, simply pay cash at the bus farebox.

Fare Vending Machine diagram

How To Use

  1. Push any button to activate screen. Choose full fare or reduced fare (available to youth ages 6 through 18, seniors ages 65 or older, persons with a disability or Medicare card holders. Must have valid proof of eligibility to use reduced fares.) or Express/RAPID bus.
  2. Select the fare type: 1-Ride*, 1-day, 7-day, 15-day or 31-day.
  3. Select the number of passes you wish to buy. There is a maximum quantity of five passes per transaction.
  4. Choose to activate now (if you’re planning to ride immediately), or wait to activate to use at a later date.
    The 1-Ride fare is automatically activated upon purchase.
  5. To pay, insert cash or coins or select credit or debit card. Fare vending machines are limited to accepting a total of 20 coins and 15 bills during a single transaction.  If the customer exceeds the coin and/or bill limit, the machine will cancel the transaction and return the coins to the customer.
  6. Remove your passes. Don’t forget your change and/or receipt.

Report vending machine malfunctions by calling (602) 253-5000. Please note the location of the machine and time of the transaction.

*Valid only on light rail.

Fare Vending Machine Locations

Fare vending machines are located at each light rail station.

Fares purchased and activated from the vending machines (except for the 1-Ride fare) are valid for bus and light rail use. 1-Ride fare allows you to ride once on light rail; be sure to keep your receipt as proof of payment.