South Central Extension/Downtown Hub Art Grant Application | Valley Metro
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The purpose of these grants is to enable local organizations to enrich the community through arts and culturally-based projects and activities.

If you are an individual artist, please note that you will have to partner with an organization that is based in or benefits communities along with South Central Extension project.

You may fill out this online form or download the application and return it to

Applications must be received by December 12th, 2022.

Panelists will review applictions and award points based on the following criteria. 

1. Overview (10 Points)

  • The applicant clearly proposes overarching details of the project.
    • Start and end dates; location; amount requested.
    • Tell us what type of activities you will be doing in this project (festival, exhibition, etc.).
    • Briefly describe the project. (100 words)

2. Community Based Organization and Project (10 Points)

  • The applicant organization has positive ties to the community, a history of existence and membership based in the community.
    • Describe the geographical area of the organization's outreach.
    • How long has the organization been active in the community? (100 words)
    • How does your orgnization serve the community? (200 words)

3. Community Impact (30 Points)

  • The applicant identifies the primary beneficiary of the project; demonstrates an understanding of the project's meaning and importance to participants; has a plan to ensure project is accessible to diverse group of participants.
    • Who is the audience that your project will serve or benefit directly?
    • Why is the project meaningful? (200 words)
    • What is your outreach and promotion plan? (300 words)

4. Artistic or Cultural Value (30 Points)

  • The applicant proposes a project with arts and culture as a primary experience; artists have an important role in the design and delivery of the project; support materials are evidence that the project can be completed.
    • Highlight the artistic and cultural activities that will involve the community. (300 words)
    • List and describe the artists and their role in the project. (300 words)
    • Upload project support materials and/or include samples of past or current work, flyers, brochures, etc.

5. Logistics and Feasibility (30 Points)

  • The applicant has outlined a clear and plausible planning timeline; defines evaluation criteria of the success of the project; the budgt is a reflection of the activities and is clear and organized.
    • Give a timeline of the project planning activities.
    • How will you determine whether the project is successful? (300 words)
    • If the grant request exceeds $5,000, please provide a midway milestone detailing progress achieved for second half of payment. (300 words)