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  1. Why aren’t departure times for every bus stop listed in the Transit Book or on the Web site?

    On most routes, there is a bus stop roughly every quarter mile. The main reason that we don’t list each one is to keep this publication streamlined, yet at the same time attempt to provide our valued riders with the most up-to-date information available.

  2. How late do buses run?

    Since service needs vary from area to area, some routes provide service later than others. Also, weekday and weekend schedules are different for many routes.

  3. Can bus operators make change?

    Bus operators cannot make change, so you need to have the exact fare before you board the bus. On top of the farebox, there is one slot for paying with coins and another for paying with dollar bills.

  4. Where can I buy bus fare?

    Purchase your fare online, through the mail or at transit centers and retail locations. For the nearest transit center or retail location, call Customer Service at (602) 253-5000. To purchase fare through the mail, call (602) 495-5795.

  5. Can I bring a baby stroller on the bus?

    Strollers are permitted on the bus, but you must fold them up before you bring them on board.

  6. If I need to take more than one bus to get where I’m going, do I need to pay each time I board?

    When you need to take more than one bus, an All-day pass is recommended. When you purchase an All-day pass you may ride as many times as you like in one day.

  7. Do I have to pay an extra charge for my bike?

    There is no charge for using the bike racks on the front of all Valley Metro buses.

  8. How do I let the bus operator know when I want to get off the bus?

    Some buses have pull cords, located on each side of the bus just above the seats. Others have yellow or black rubber strips located in the same place. About a block before your stop, pull the bell cord or press on the rubber strip. The “Stop Requested” sign at the front of the bus will light up and a bell will ring to let the operator know that you’d like to get off at the next stop.

  9. Can I bring my bike on the bus if the bike rack is full?

    Only fold-up bicycles are allowed inside the bus, and they must be folded before you bring them on board. If you don’t have a fold-up bike and the rack is full, you must wait for the next bus.