1. Why aren’t departure times for every bus stop listed in the Transit Book or on the website?
    Valley Metro provides a bus stop roughly every quarter mile on most routes. That being said we have chosen to include only major stop times in our publications, be it online or in print.
  2. How late do buses run?
    Services around the Greater Phoenix area do vary with some routes providing service at later times than others. Check the online or print schedules to stay up-to-date on service times.
  3. Can bus operators make change?
    They cannot, so we encourage all passengers to have exact fare on hand before boarding the bus.
  4. Where can I buy bus fare?
    Valley Metro provides multiple options to purchase fares including online, through the mail or at transit centers and retail locations. For the nearest transit center or retail location, call Customer Service at (602) 253-5000. To purchase fare through the mail, call (602) 495-5795.
  5. Can I bring a baby stroller on the bus?
    Yes, in fact you can bring strollers on the bus, but make sure you fold them up before bringing them on board.
  6. If I need to take more than one bus to get where I’m going, do I need to pay each time I board?
    To alleviate any possible mix-ups with paying for multiple fares we suggest purchasing an All-day pass which lets you ride as many times as you like in one day.
  7. Do I have to pay an extra charge for my bike?
    Absolutely not. There is no charge for using the bike racks on the front of all Valley Metro buses.
  8. How do I let the bus operator know when I want to get off the bus?
    When you’re ready to hop off just use either the pull cords, located on each side of the bus just above the seats, or the yellow or black rubber strips. Make sure to give your bus operator ample time by indicating you’re wanting to exit the bus about a block before your stop.
  9. Can I bring my bike on the bus if the bike rack is full?
    Only fold-up bicycles are allowed inside the bus, and they must be folded before you bring them on board. Don’t have a fold-up bike and the rack is full? Unfortunately you must wait for the next bus.