T2050 is hitting the road in Phoenix in a big way.

What is T2050?

It stands for Transportation 2050, a tax approved by Phoenix voters in 2015. Voters agreed – the city should invest in better transit services and streets improvements for its residents. Now, Phoenix is delivering with major bus service expansion. Starting Oct. 24, all local bus routes serving Phoenix will operate three additional hours of service each day and buses will run every 30 minutes or less including weekends. Here, riders describe how longer service hours and shorter wait times will make a difference in their lives.

A lifeline for independence

Using the bus is the only option for Richard Schauer. Following a bad car crash, the veteran did not have access to a car for three years. “I rely on the bus to get me where I need to go,” said Schauer. “Better service will help me stay connected with friends and important appointments.”

Mobility for millennials

For riders like ASU students Sydney DeCovich and Kaylin King, the dramatic improvements will provide more access and convenience for their busy schedules. “As a journalism major without a car, it’s important to have the flexibility and to have several transportation options to get around the city especially when I’m working on news stories or when there are events I want to attend,” said King.

Saving for the future

Transit provides opportunity for Gaile Johnson who uses Route 0 to take her son to daycare. “I’m able to save so much more for my son’s education and to buy a home because I use the bus,” said Johnson. “Expanded service means I can take the bus to a later work shift.”

The night shift

“I really depend on the bus for my job as a cook every day,” said Aldemar Basen. “There are days when I need to ask for rides. I’m not a fan of having to do that.” Basen not only wants but needs more bus service to get to and from his late night work shift. “This will really help me to not have to depend on other people,” added Basen. “I can work a later shift and attend more sporting events once the bus hours are the same as light rail.”

Basen looks forward to the next phase of T2050, slated for April 2017. Bus service in Phoenix will match light rail hours seven days a week, offering more options to connect people to the places they want and need to go, now and in the future.

Brenda Yanez
City of Phoenix Public Transit Department