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ASU Sparky and Valley Metro

Getting to class, the library or the big football game has never been so easy! Valley Metro Rail and bus can get you to where you need to go without the stress of driving or finding parking on campus. Why pay over $700 for a parking permit, when the U-Pass is only $150! The U-Pass lets you ride the rail or bus for the entire academic school year as often as you need. You can take the rail to Mill Ave. or downtown Phoenix and enjoy a night out on the town with friends at one of the many restaurant or bars.

10 Reasons to Ride Valley Metro

  1. The U-Pass is now $150! Unlimited transit trips for just $.55 per day
  2. Driving is overrated
  3. Fighting for a parking space can get ugly
  4. Fighting traffic on game days can get even uglier
  5. Think about what else you can buy with what you’re paying for parking and gas
  6. Looking for parking can make you late for class
  7. Validating your pass is quick and easy
  8. Connecting between downtown Phoenix and Tempe is much easier and faster
  9. Everybody could use more “me” time
  10. You can do your homework, check social media, text or read a book instead of driving

Drive to one of our many Park-n-Rides and hop on the rail to get to the Downtown Phoenix or Tempe campus.

Valley Metro Rail park-and-rides

  • 19th Ave/Dunlap
  • 19th Ave/Montebello
  • 19th Ave/Camelback
  • Central Ave/Camelback
  • 38th St/Washington
  • Dorsey/Apache Blvd
  • McClintock/Apache Blvd
  • Price-101 Fwy/Apache Blvd
  • Sycamore/Main St
  • Mesa Dr/Main St

There are many fun and exciting events and activities for you to enjoy in the Valley of the Sun. Check out our destination guides to find the sporting event or museum that interests you, and take Valley Metro to get you there.

Check out our Ride Like Right website, to get familiar with the code of conduct while riding the rail. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience while riding Valley Metro Rail.